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Commission Information

Commissions are currently closed.

Personal commission openings will be advertised when available!

The prices listed on this page are general guidelines and apply only to commissions for personal use. Commissions will be individually quoted based on complexity of the request, as well as style and level of detail desired.

Commercial Use Disclaimer: The prices listed below are for personal commissions and small projects only, and do not permit for commercial use by the client.

Commercial use may be negotiated while discussing requests, and will incur additional fees based on client needs.

Is there a scene gripping at your mind, that you just need to see come to life? Are you hunting for a graphic that would be perfect for your stream or server?


Whatever idea it is that you have brewing, I would love to help make it a reality!



$50+ Headshot

$75+ Waist-up

$100+ Full Body

Simple character art ranging from headshots to full body. Perfect for introducing a character without too many distractions.

Comm Portrait.png

Additional charges for:

Backgrounds; complex poses, armor, or lighting; additional characters or companions (pets); nsfw subjects



A portrait or illustration which can explore the deeper themes and symbolism behind your character, in the style of arcana.

Comm Tarot.png



Illustrations which bring a location to life, focusing purely on its environment and atmosphere, and the things one may find there.

Comm Env.png



$25 each

$110 for 5

Custom emotes to add some personality to your stream or server! Premade emotes are available for purchase in my etsy store.

Namazu Cheer_edited.png
Yiska Love_edited.png
Gun 128_edited.png
Namazu Drool_edited.png
Yiska Cry_edited.png
Boi 128_edited.png

Contact Me

If you're interested in a commission, send me an email with your concept and I will get back to you with a quote!

Have an idea that's not on my list, but would still like to have me tackle? Send it my way and I'll let you know if it's something I can work on with you!

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