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A Creator's Journal

It's been a wild journey... I thought I might start keeping a record of it all.

What a long, strange trip it has been!

From my early years as a creative, with all of the ups and downs, to the present (still a creative!), the journey has been a long one. One could even call it a rollercoaster. But hey... we're still here! And I think that's a pretty amazing thing.

I've always tried to keep an ambitious set of goals and a broader outlook on who I might become as a creative individual, but obstacles throughout space and time always seemed to get in my way.

Somehow, I feel like that's changed now.


What's really changed?

Was it me? Was it the universe? I don't really know if some great cosmic change came and brought me extra drive and motivation to push forward, but it's something I feel, and that ambition has indeed pulled me in a great many directions.

From artist to... well, artist still, but now with other fun features like writer, worldbuilder, streamer, award-winner, and sudden social butterfly (sort of?)... there's been a lot to take in lately. I feel like I need to morph my site into more than just a collection of images.


So, a blog, huh?

Hey, listen. Sometimes I just really crave an outlet for shouting my thoughts to the void... and I never quite found the right place to do that for my more "professional" rambling. Where do I go shout into the void about my new projects?

Where do I write paragraphs about the Cool New Thing I'm a part of? Or the exciting news I have to share about my art and writing? Well, this is the new home for all of that and more.

We'll just... have to learn how actually running a blog works. Ah, well. We'll figure it out. I'm just going to stick with my "shouting into the void" approach and see where that takes us. Simple!


So, if you do read this... thank you! I appreciate you stopping by to have a read of my first post here, and I hope to see you around in the future. Let's just try and keep the motivation train going, huh?

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