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Survivors — Live on Kickstarter!

Updated: Jun 19, 2023

From the apocalypse, we are eager to present a new game which could very well end up on your tabletop!
Survivors: A Dystopia Rising Game cover art by... me!

So, there's this project I've been quietly working on since the height of the pandemic. That's quite a while now! And it's finally public and LIVE ON KICKSTARTER!


A Post-Apocalyptic Board Game!

If you're a fan of the zombie apocalypse setting in your games, and you're also big on storytelling, this game is for you! This officially-licensed Dystopia Rising game is set in a world that I've found myself in many, many times throughout the years, and I can tell you myself that the storytellers are incredible.

I've been a Dystopia Rising LARP player since 2018, and I've had all kinds of wacky adventures out in the wastes... now you can too, and you don't have to get woken up in the middle of the night by raiders kicking open your cabin door!

(I mean, you still can do that, but now you get post-apocalypse adventures from the comfort of your own home!)

Overgrowth tile from Survivors: A Dystopia Rising Game

Exciting Art!

The worst thing about keeping this project quiet for so long is the fact that I've made some of my favorite works of art for it!

Look at this delicious overgrowth scene. And with a cryptic monster woman threatening your safety as the focus? You really can't go wrong with that.

I have a couple favorites, and you'll certainly see them all in time! The current collection is actually in my Artstation portfolio, if you do want to have a peek!


The funding goal for this project is $15,000! It's not a huge production, but it'll put the game in the hands of backers likely as soon as 2024! So while I keep crunching away on the rest of the art that's still in the works... do enjoy what has already been completed, and consider backing! Every dollar counts!

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