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Worldbuilding Awards 2022 Nominations!

I took a chance and was nominated for TWO awards!
A collage of ALL of the nominations for each category. So many amazing creations!

The past year has been full of Firsts and New Things for me, and part of that involved me doing something I'd never have considered in the past: submitting work for WorldAnvil's annual Worldbuilding Awards!

So what is this about?

Submit your best work for a chance to be chosen as the best worldbuilder of the year! — From the Worldbuilding Awards 2022 Page

The Worldbuilding Awards is an annual competition run by WorldAnvil in which worldbuilders throughout the platform are invited to submit their best work of the year for the title of "best of" in any number of categories!

Now, when I tell you competition in these is fierce, boy do I mean it.

Have a look at what I submitted!

Have a peek at my Nominations & Reading Challenge article, too!

I put together an article for this, as I do for most challenges I take part in, to outline my participation and dive a little deeper into my decision process.

Following that, and here are some spoilers, I made a follow-up article outlining the nominees for the two categories that I was nominated for! I couldn't believe that I was in the running for two awards and I was up there with some creators I've looked up to on this platform since I was a fresh little worldbuilder.

It's so wild to me that I ended up in that position!


Sharing the excitement with my peers!

The moment nominees were announced, spreadsheets began flying with all of the information, names, articles, links, forms, all of the good stuff.

The form for the community vote didn't include every award on page one, so I spent a large portion of my day thinking I was nominated for one award. Several giggles (but a larger portion of tears) were had when I looked at one of the spreadsheets of nominees and realized my name was on there twice.

In any case, I took to creating some fun graphics for myself...

But then several members of the community wanted to know if I'd be willing to make more of these for the other categories!

The answer, of course, was ABSOLUTELY!

(See the rest of the above Twitter thread to see all of the graphics!)


More than anything, I am just so grateful to this community of humans who have inspired me to continue creating! Without all of that support I wouldn't have even submitted anything!

Boy, do I feel silly now!

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